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Starters - Lissa Price I want to thank Random House/Random Buzzers for sending me an arc copy of Starters.The summary of this book is so intriguing that I finished two books just so I could start it sooner. It certainly didn’t disappoint but I can honestly say I have a ton of questions that I really want answered, and I’m hoping with the second book they will be.I really like the plot’s premise, and the whole idea of renting actual bodies is super creepy and interesting. In fact it makes my skin crawl a bit to think about someone wearing my body like a new suit, even if the money was a fantastic intensive. I do like that concept of a company taking advantage of the desperation of the remaining people, both old and young. As horrible as that sounds it’s kind of one of those believable yet unbelievable concepts that really strike me as a great idea. I did enjoy the whole conspiracy part of this and I enjoyed seeing Callie react to what was thrown at her. Overall I felt the idea to be original because I personally haven’t really seen this idea outside of the horror spectrum and it’s a nice change.Callie was an interesting character but unfortunately by the end I didn’t really know who exactly she was, the plot doesn’t really leave open much room for expansion on her actual character and I’m hoping that it will in the second one. Micheal and Tyler were also semi glossed over, you get some idea of their connection to one another but the story moves away from them so fast that you never get chance to see how close they are to Callie. I also didn’t quite understand how Callie related to Blake at all, it moved super fast on her part and I wasn’t sure how exactly it came about. I did however really like The Old Man, I felt his character was the most intriguing and I am super curious about him.Like I said before I do have a ton of questions now, and I have a feeling that a few will be answered in the next one. I do wish that the whole Spore War thing would have been delved into more, I understand that it’s not really huge in the actual plot other than background but I would have loved to know more about it.While I wasn’t really drawn in by the characters I did love the plot and concept and I do want to read the second one when it comes out. There was also a moment at the end that practically determined that I’m reading the second one no matter what, because I simply HAVE to know.