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Undead and Unwed - MaryJanice Davidson This is a fairly quick paced and witty read. The main character Elizabeth Taylor, or as she likes to be called Betsy, is an attractive, talkative, shoe nut who has had a really weird and in her opinion horrible week. First she gets laid off of her crummy job, then she dies...but to matters worse for her she doesn't stay dead and now she's all mixed up in vampire politics and wants nothing more than to go back to her normal life.The first thing you must remember about this book is that it's all about the main character, so the plot is really quick but the dialogue is pretty much key. Since it's all about...Betsy...she talks...alot, granted she has some witty comebacks sometimes but other times she is simply spewing words. She's a sort of 'in your face' kind of person and she'll say what she is thinking no matter what it is, so some comes off as childish but that is her personality. The other main characters are interesting in their own way but they don't really get brought into the lime light unless Betsy puts them there.This is meant to be a quick paced and fun read, and to be honest it is. I don't usually read books like this so at first I was a little unsure if I liked how it was written or not, but by the time I hit chapter 5 I was ready to read more and finished the book quickly. It doesn't call for any thought on the readers part at all since pretty much everything is laid out for you, and while that would make other books suck to high heaven this one doesn't. Since it's not all about the plot really and more about how Betsy is dealing with it you never really loose interest in what all is going to happen.However I would never want to meet Betsy...god she can be annoying. Even I was telling her to shut up at times. She also can be seriously shallow when it comes down to it, which is annoying but her character.