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Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

Anna Dressed in Blood  - Kendare Blake

Source: SYNC
Publisher: AudioGo and Tor
Series: Anna #1
Edition: Audiobook
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Horror
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Rating: 4.5/5


Anna Dressed in Blood is like a young adult version of Supernatural, which is a show I absolutely adore. For those who watch the show think of this as being similar to the first season of Supernatural, where it was all about the creepy hauntings and just getting the job done.


Cas Lowood is a, for lack of better term, smart-ass with a unique job. He kills ghosts and his been on the move with his mom since his father was killed. He doesn’t shy away from the messy parts and he’s not the kind of person you would be proud to take home to mom, he’s a bit rough around the edges but he’s a good guy. He finds that he’s met his match in Anna,  a particularity difficult and dangerous ghost haunting Thunder Bay. She’s brutal. I loved her character and I loved finding out about her life, which was an incredibly sad and tough story.  Thomas is definitely the info guy in this situation. He isn’t quite cut out for the actual work but I loved that he was willing to help Cas out as much as he could even when it put him in danger.


I listened the audiobook and I really think some of the story benefited from having it read to me. The horror aspects probably wouldn’t have been as vivid to me if I had read it on my own, but having a guy read it to me in a creepy voice really made the difference. In fact it was perfect timing that a family of squirrels moved into my attic the day I finished this….so I was terrified to sleep because I had no clue what was moving around above me. I also think the relationship between Cas and Ann benefited from the reading. I wasn’t a fan of the direction it went in and I have a feeling that if I read it myself I would have gotten irritated with it, however listening to it didn’t really allow me to harp on it.


I’m really curious to see what Girl of Nightmares offers and how Cas deals with his new and deadly mission to find Anna again.