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Forty Days by Stephanie Parent

Forty Days - Stephanie Parent

Forty Days is a new way of looking a very old story, more specifically the story of Noah’s Ark. Stephanie Parent takes on the task of delving into the story and adding some depth to the family of Noah. This is not a overly religious story but instead it is a YA historical novel about family and love during a very scary and peculiar ordeal.

We are introduced to Neima before the Flood and we are treated just how her family is perceived by the other villagers. They are outcasts thanks to Noah’s strange fixation with a coming flood and his building of a monstrous Ark; it’s a source of immense tension through out the village and as a result Neima only has two friends, Jorin and Derya. I loved that Parent took the time to let us get to know Neima’s rather large family and I also enjoyed seeing the progress on the Ark as the deadline closes in. There is a immense attention to detail as Parent lists the animals involved, as well as occupations and their roles during the Bronze Age. She paints even the smallest of details in a big way giving the story a life of its own.


Neima, our main character, is the obedient granddaughter of Noah but she has a will of her own and a sort of passive bravery. I can’t even imagine the sort of panic and terror that she has to go through as the Flood starts, but Parent really gives you access to the character’s mind so that you can better understand how she’s dealing with everything. Most of the men in this novel are rather fierce and outspoken, one of which is Keenan. He is the cousin of Neima, and her mostly like suitor. He’s charming but he’s also egotistical, and he’s a man of the times…meaning he plans to be in charge when it comes to relationships. Jorin is the exact opposite of Keenan and the others. He’s sweet, soft spoken and willing to listen, and his intentions seem to be good; however he’s not Neima’s family.


This does end in a cliffhanger and it’s one that snuck up on me, even though I was fully aware it was coming. I blazed through this book in a day and then when I read the last page I went into panic mode because I need to know what happens. I can’t wait for the second book, Forty Nights! Stephanie is well on her way to becoming an author I put all others aside to read.


I recieved this in exchange for an honest review.