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Morning Glories Vol. 1 For A Better Future

Morning Glories, Vol. 1: For a Better Future - Joe Eisma, Nick Spencer, Rodin Esquejo

Source: Library
Publisher: Image Comics
Series: Morning Glories #1-6
Edition: Paperback, 188 Pages
Genre: Science Fiction Horror
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Rating: 3.5/5


Morning Glories is a graphic novel that starts off with a bang and then keeps you in suspense about what exactly is going on. Think of the show Lost and add some serious horror and dystopian aspects…now you have Morning Glories.


The story revolves around six newly arrived students to the Morning Glory Academy. We get to see first hand how weird the school is and how they don’t really care if they hold up appearances for very long. The group is extremely varied in personality and we are treated to a bit of their background so we can see just how these six function. I loved that each twist was wholly unexpected and I like the mystery of the plot, though I do hope they clue us in on it very soon because I can see this getting confusing fast. The art style is beautiful and crisp which perfect for those gorgeous scenes as well as the scenes that make you wish you could unsee things.


For a graphic novel I picked up on a whim this turned out to be an extremely good choice. It’s fun in a ‘holy crap these people are crazy’ kind of way and I can see the potential for this to be a series I really enjoy.