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Nightwing Year One

Nightwing: Year One - Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty, Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens

Source: Borrowed
Publisher: DC
Series: Nightwing #101-106
Edition: ebook, 144 Pages
Genre: Batman, Graphic Novel
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Rating: 4/5


As promised I made a point to read Nightwing and learn more about Dick Grayson and you know what? I like him more than Batman. The caped crusader was much cooler when I was a kid but once you get old enough to realize he’s kind of jerk…well not kind of, he is a jerk….he’s not a shiny and amazing anymore. He’s grouchy, egotistical, and at times it seems he’s mentally unstable…but he helped raise an awesome guy. (Helped…because Alfred did most of the actual child rearing).


This goes over Dick Grayson’s first encounters after he is kicked out of the bat cave and sets off on his own. He does some soul searching and ultimately ends up back in a suit scaling buildings in the dead of night. I really like his character and I’m really happy to see that he’s not just a Batman clone…because one is seriously enough. I love his dynamic with Batgirl and even his interaction with Jason Todd (who I’m kind of iffy about…the kid is a brat, but not as bad as Damian.)


The art-style was not my favorite at all. The images are very simplistic with heavy outlines and an almost cartoony look to it, which wouldn’t be so bad if the content matched but it doesn’t. Some of the scenes did look really good though and I really liked the acrobatic panels. However there is one thing I simply can not understand…and that’s Jason Todd’s legs. This kid looks like he’s been lifting weights since he was three, I wouldn’t doubt his ability to kill a man with them either. I mean look a them!



Okay now try looking away…you had trouble with that didn’t you? That’s because it’s scary…I doubt Batman has legs that toned. *shudders*


Anyway! Despite the problems with some of the artwork and Batman being an eternal butthole, Nightwing Year One is really solid and really enjoyable. I’m glad I took the time to get to know Dick Grayson better and I’m excited to read even more about him.