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Gambit Volume 1: Once A Thief

Gambit, Vol. 1: Once A Thief... - James Asmus, Clay Mann, Diogenes Neves

Source: Borrowed
Publisher: Marvel
Series: Gambit #1-7
Edition: Paperback
Genre: Graphic Novel
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Rating: 3/5


Gambit is a smooth talking Cajun with some serious sticky fingers and the ability to use kinetic energy as an explosive. In short he’s a pretty cool guy, however this set of issues was seriously lacking and I found myself kind of disappointed in my first venture into pure Gambit storyline.

I rather like Gambit as a person, he’s kind of edgy and is not limited to his mutant ability as far as skills. However I feel like I didn’t really find a reason to care much about him in this, at least not like I did with the cartoons or other short instances of him. I understand that he’s a kleptomaniac, or at least I’m hoping he is because I honestly didn’t see any other reason as to why he would be pulling off huge heists when he has already built a life as an X-man. At any rate he’s still the smooth talker and until towards the end of the story I didn’t really care too much about him. Of course there is a girl, but she’s sort of a throw away character. She’s supposed to be edgy and sexy, but she really just reminds me of Lara Croft and you don’t even find out her name until towards the end…which I have forgotten already.

The plot is only so so, and I didn’t really get the middle section of it at all. I’m not really sure I like the whole find super rare and mythological artifacts angle, because it honestly seems like an attempt at an Lara Croft meets Indiana vibe and while it’s “fun” it also means nothing.

So overall it’s an okay story arc, but it’s not one that I would personally buy. I’ll probably read the second set of issues, but I’m in no real hurry.

3 star