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Waterproof by Amber Garr

Waterproof - Amber Garr

Source: Mark My Words Book Publicity/Amber Garr
Publisher: Amber Garr
Series: Waterproof #1
Edition: eBook, 258 Pages
Genre: New Adult Dystopian
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Rating: 4/5



Waterproof is another one of those rare indie gems that bring something a little new to the table and make you excited for the next book. It’s not just another dystopian with some rehashed horrible government and one person trying to make a change. It’s a dystopian with real characters who are fighting to survive for themselves, not because they have a high calling. Not to mention it has some new ideas.

The story is told in dual POVs and while I normally don’t like novels that switch back and forth I did appreciate it with this one. Not only do we get the extra insight into each character we also get to see two separate stories once the characters have split up. I love having that added anxiety of knowing something a character doesn’t. Over all the story is about surviving in a world where drinking water is hard to come by and people are willing to do anything to get it. I know of another book that deals with water like this but I haven’t read it, so this is fresh and I really enjoyed the newness of the idea. Especially once other plans are revealed later in the book. I’ll admit to reading it in shock and then declaring the idea stupid, but the more I read the more I enjoyed the different quality to the idea.

As for our characters we have a hand full but Zach and Vivianne (Vee) are the main focus. Their relationship plays a huge part in this and it’s honestly a good thing. They already have a set relationship before the book starts and they have the history together, so it doesn’t feel rushed and they feel comfortable. I was a little under prepared for the sexy times though because I mislabeled the book when I got it and thought it was YA, oops. I really liked Zach and Vee, they both felt real and realistically hardened to certain aspects of their life. They’re only in their twenties and when crap hit the fan they were younger than that, so it’s logical that certain things are easier for them. Zach has the realistic mind of a male and his POV doesn’t shy away from the more personal aspects of it. In fact this book doesn’t really shy away from anything and I appreciated the blatant humanity of all of it, sometimes I just get tired of reading cut and dry books. There are also other great characters like Hunter, Sasha and Trevor that I really enjoyed, but would have really liked to see more from them. They are great side characters and it’s clear they have their own personalities but I would have liked to get to know them better before things were kicked into high gear. Also there are characters called Sam and Dean…I have no idea if this was intentional but I kind of squealed a bit and immediately pictured them as the Sam and Dean from Supernatural. In fact I have no idea what they were supposed to look like.

Overall I found Waterproof to be a rather quick and enjoyable read that really pulled me in from page one and made me want more. Especially with the ending, cliffhanger alert…It’s a interesting story with a new idea and a great flow.

4 stars